Videographer : Photographer : Director : Producer



 Born into a military family, Danny has been a world traveler since day one.  While living in Europe, he began his music career touring with various bands.  This is also when he started his love affair with the captured image.  Since a young age, Danny has been writing, performing music, and exploring the art of photography.  Upon his return to the United States, the U.S. Air Force approached him with a position as vocalist and guitarist in what later became the first official military rock band.  The band toured the world for the next four years playing for Universities, Embassies, Royal families and most important of all, the U.S. forces in the fields of Vietnam.  The group also recorded an album and performed on many television shows throughout the U.S. and Southeast Asia.  Touring gave Danny a unique opportunity to learn his craft as a photographer, film and a traveler.

The turning point for Danny with his camera came in Vietnam on April 30, 1975.  Danny was given the opportunity to help document the evacuation and transfer of military and civilian personnel from Saigon to Clark Air Base in the Philippines.  This experience revealed his impressionistic voyeur style.  Since realizing the power of image capture, Danny began photographing the world as never before.  The colors, textures, people and the experience of travel have played a huge part in making him the filmmaker he is today.

Danny later settled back in the USA and attended the University of South Florida.  He quickly became one of the most sought after guitar players in the business and was soon touring with a long list of chart-topping artists.  To his credit, Danny has amassed an enormous library of music, which is constantly being used in current movie and television productions.

The past fifteen years, along with writing music for television and motion pictures, Danny has gained respect in the industry in the capacity of producer, field producer and director of photography.  As a field producer and director of photography, he has delivered over 100 episodes of unscripted television.  Danny is currently in the field for NBC Sports Outdoors / NBC Universal as well as The Outdoor Channel shooting popular unscripted programing.  Known for his exceptional aerial video, underwater video, travel photography and experience shooting abroad, he also maintains a group of corporate clients freelance producing, shooting video and stills. 
With an exciting list of original projects in development, he is looking forward to bringing more quality programs to the air.  Danny currently lives in Atlanta with his wife Suzan.